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"Cynthia Weiss is the most effective therapist I've ever worked with.  Her education, experience, and intuitive talents are profoundly combined to find unique treatments for each patient.  She is able to communicate and teach even the most reluctant client.  All this, combined with her dance background and special skills create a powerful healing experience."  
                           Marian G.
We change people's lives by giving them the confidence to achieve their goals of an active, mobile lifestyle without the use of pain medications or surgery.

We educate you on the root causes of your bodily issues so you can heal.  We give you the experience you are looking for to accomplish the goals you are seeking by listening to you and using our vast knowledge base, talent of observing movement imbalances/abnormalities gained through years of experience, continuing education, and personal dancing.  We work with committed, passionate, motivated, and creative people in a warm and supportive environment that creates change in your movement patterns to begin the healing process.   Each session and exercise program is customized to your issues for optimal healing to return you to the quality of life you desire.
Upcoming events:

Pilates/Exercise class: 5 class series for $105   
Nov. 15th- Dec. 20th (no class 11/22)  Wednesdays 12-1 at 10410 Kensington Parkway, Suite 111, Kensington, MD 20895

To register for either: Call 301-493-9257 
or email cynthiaweiss@verizon.net 

Alignment/Movement Workshop to Prevent Dance Injuries: At Joy of Motion Dance Center Friendship Heights Friday Oct. 13th 7:30-8:30 P.M. Register through Joy of Motion

Call: 301-493-9257

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