Orthopedic Injuries: 

  • 1 hour evaluation

  • One-on-one treatments for one hour

  • Rehabilitation for total joint replacements, pre and post surgery, muscle and joint sprains/strains, neck/back pain, ACL and meniscal tears, shoulder strains/rotator cuff tears, chronic pain

  • Treatment and education for osteoporosis/osteopenia 

  • Manual therapy

  • Custom orthotics

  • Movement reeducation

  • Pilates rehabilitation

Wellness Rehabilitation, Inc.  |  Contact: Cynthia Weiss, PT  |  10410 Kensington Parkway, Suite 11 | Kensington, MD  20895       

Outstanding Rehabilitation Therapy

"Cynthia Weiss is the physical therapist at Wellness Rehabilitation, and she is highly professional and a true expert with a vast knowledge in bio-mechanics and other specialties as listed on her website. I am a research physician, so I have pretty high standards when it comes to considering which provider should be helping to heal my injuries. I have seen Cynthia at various times over the past 20 years. People go to see a PT for a specific reason, like a sports injury, yet we know that in most cases the injury is merely a late-stage symptom of a more generalized imbalance in the body. If you are seeking a practitioner that deeply analyzes and treats these underlying imbalances that serve as the root cause of the current injury and your future predisposition to injury, then Cynthia is the practitioner that you should consider as she takes a holistic approach in the care she provides, in particular: a strong focus and success with therapeutic interventions; diagnosis of muscle imbalances; and prescription of individualized exercises to promote healing and prevent future injury. I recommend Wellness Rehabilitation, Inc without reservation, as Cynthia will be truly committed to the improvement of your condition."     Dan F.

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Movement Reeducation  |  Breast Cancer  |  Pilates-Based Rehab
Specialties in:
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

  •   1 hour evaluation

  •   One-on-one treatments in private room

  •    Manual lymph drainage for lymphedema

  •   Compression bandaging

  •   Myofascial release for tightness due to cording, radiation, or surgery

  •   Exercise program and/or Pilates rehabilitation
  •   Education
A full commitment is made to each patient and much thought is put into reaching your goals based on a thorough evaluation of your posture, strength, flexibility, movement, and function. 
Pilates-Based Rehab:

Pilates is a form of exercise that reeducates how you move and teaches body awareness. That's the essence of Pilates-based training. We incorporate Pilates into your rehab so that you develop strength, learn correct movement patterns, and truly learn what it means to work from your core. If you are injured or in pain, specialized Pilates equipment acts as an "assistant" so you can still work without overdoing it. The equipment has a spring system that can be used to rehabilitate, prevent injuries, and increase strength. Pilates is based on principles of core control/elongation, breathing, efficiency of movement, alignment/posture, and movement integration of the upper and lower body.