"Cynthia has treated me for knee injuries I sustained due to osteoarthritis and a torn meniscus.  I was experiencing significant pain in both knees.  She helped me strengthen the VMO muscles in my quad. with Pilates exercises in her studio and gave me detailed exercises to do at home.  She also educated me on the anatomy of the knee, core, and other areas impacting the knee joint and its movement.  I have been highly impressed with Cynthia's understanding of the mechanics of the human body.   I have a complicated medical history with chronic illness and she repeatedly chooses exercises that strengthen but don't max out my abilities.  I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made since I started seeing her and am very appreciative to be under her care.  Thanks to Cynthia, my knees are virtually painfree and feel much stronger than before my injury.  I would recommend Cynthia to anyone seeking a Physical Therapist with a high level of knowledge and expertise in any kind of joint or muscle repair. "    Kim M.

"Cynthia Weiss has been my physical therapist since 1993.  I have a chronic, intermittent pain syndrome in my feet and since then have been diagnosed with osteopenia and scoliosis.  Cynthia has helped me through my flare-ups to stay mobile and work through the pain to keep my body functional.  She gives me hands-on manipulation of my joints and soft tissue.  She uses release techniques to treat my symptoms.  We also use therapeutic Pilates on mat and equipment.  For all the years I have known Cynthia, she has been a skilled professional.  She takes continuing education courses and gets certified in new techniques.  She is always looking for ways to enhance her knowledge of the latest techniques in her profession.  Cynthia's greatest asset is her compassion and empathy in addition to her level of professionalism.  She is flexible with scheduling and always has the ability to change a program or technique to suit a patient's symptoms.  I have no reluctance when I recommend her to anyone I know who needs treatment.  I can only give her my highest praise!  "    Lois P.

What our clients are saying
"I have been seeing Cynthia off and on for treatment of osteoporosis for five years.  During that time she has helped me to  significantly improve my posture and my gait.  She has also taught me numerous core exercises that have strengthened my back and showed me how to better perform the activities of daily living - such as the proper way to carry groceries and how to perform gardening work without hurting myself.  My balance has also improved significantly.  Cynthia is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and kind.  She has a total understanding of the human body - more than any other physical therapist I have worked with.  I thoroughly enjoy working with her and consider myself to be very fortunate to have her as my physical therapist."         Lynda E.

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